A handbook for artistic research with recipes to cook and other instructions by the artists of Arc artist residency in Romainmôtier.

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Where does the idea come from?

It’s in the kitchen of Arc, the artist residency in Romainmôtier, that this project started. After the news about the closure of Arc, we wanted to shed a light on the artistic research and the collaborations that took place, by publishing a book.

Not a classical overview of the history of Arc, but a handbook that inspires its readers to re-imagine their artistic practices, to collaborate and to create communities. The ingredients are the knowledge and the experience of the Arc community: its collaborators, its artists-in-residence and its guests.

What is it?

’THIS BOOK IS YOURS – Recipes for artistic collaboration’ will cover four years in the life of Arc, from January 2015 till December 2018.

Each chapter of the book starts with a recipe for a meal that was prepared at Arc on a certain occasion, because the easiest and most fundamental way of gathering people, exchanging and collaborating is by cooking and eating together.

The 19 chapters will furthermore contain other «recipes» for artistic research and collaboration: texts, instructions, scores, drawings, essays, diaries and more, contributed by artists and other practitioners from various fields who were involved in Arc.

Technical info about the book:

  • Format : 16 x 23 cm
  • 336 pages, in color (with drawings and photos)
  • Soft cover
  • Paper: Holmen TRND 60g 2.0 (pages) / Constellation Snow Aida 350g (cover)
  • Printed in 900 copies
  • Languages: English and French

What will your money be used for?

Your money will be used to contribute to the costs of the translations, the graphic design and the printing of the book.

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