this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival needs your support for the 9th edition, which takes place in between Dec 1st and Dec 11 in Vienna, Austria.

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this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival

We need your support so that we, the festival hosts, facilitators, programmers, organizers, helping hands, and projectionists can achieve the goal of holding a ten day festival in at least five different cinemas across town and with more than 80 films framed within an international film festival of great importance, in the presence of many English-speaking guests, and with interesting topics that should be more than just entertaining.

We want…

…to host an international Film festival focusing on human rights in the city of Vienna;

… eleven festival days full of exciting and thought provoking films

…a Festival which breaks the boundaries and sheds light on important topics, which concern us all.

…not only to bring you to a cinema, but also to take you with us to many more locations in town, hold concerts, performances, discussions, exhibitions

…to set up a program that addresses the complex issues of human rights. A program that not only allows for a great experience, but also asks for your active participation, opinion and decision making in the process.

…an extended competition program including:

  • International competition

  • National film competition

  • Short film competition

  • Young filmmakers competition

…to allow you to meet the people behind the films; not only the filmmakers but also the policymakers and cultural stakeholders

…to offer a platform for films, which will have their premiere in Austria and would otherwise remain unseen

…to let the screenings motivate lively discussions

…to be one of the most vital and important platforms for human rights in Vienna

What to expect

  • Eleven exciting festival days in December
  • Over 80 films and many international guests
  • Five film competitions in different categories
  • Films, which are more than just mere entertainment
  • Discussions
  • Panels
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Screenings for schools
  • Exhibitions & Performances

Why we need your support

Ever since 2008, the year in which this human world was founded, the festival has been gaining strength and importance in the city of Vienna. This is why we need you to support us: In order to again this year make it possible to organize the festival, hold the many screenings; panels; discussions; and also invite international filmmakers from all over the world to Vienna and also give you the chance to meet up with them and let them show you their films personally.
We want to host the festival in five different cinemas across town and accompany the program with several complementing events, which complete our vision of a demanding and compelling festival.

Who are we...

We are a new team in charge of organizing the ninth festival edition. As passionate cinema lovers we want to join the medium film with the topic of human rights. Although we know we might not change the world with our festival we see it as indispensable to offer a platform, where important subjects on human rights can be addressed and discussed. We also see the festival as a vehicle for showcasing unusual perspectives on increasingly socially relevant topics.

Djamila Grandits and Julia Sternthal are the new festival directors and, together with a small festival team, they will join forces to program different and important subjects into an interesting and compelling festival.

About the film festival this human world...

this human world – was founded in 2008; the same year which commemorated the 60th anniversary of The Universal Declaration on Human Rights and it was the first film festival of its kind in Austria. this human world is committed to featuring both national and international films highlighting social issues focusing on topics of human rights. In addition to the films, a key feature of the festival are the discussions after the screenings. workshops, exhibitions, performances, music events and readings at various locations throughout the city of Vienna, offering several platforms of exchange and dialogue.

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