Timeout - Studio Barre/Yoga

Timeout - Studio Barre/Yoga

by Vince


I'm launching this new studio that should shake up your fitness routine! On the programme: signature classes (popular in the US and inspired by Ballet, Pilates and Yoga), yoga and workshop.

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I’m Vince, and I’ve been a sports coach for 10 years. A keen traveller, I discovered the Barre concept in London and quickly realised that in Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, the concept was still underdeveloped and even lacking.

Since then, the idea of setting up a top-of-the-range Barre and Yoga studio has been born. A studio with a ’pay as you go’ pricing model, designed to meet the varied needs of our customers, with the emphasis on Barre and Yoga (2 disciplines proven to improve strength, flexibility and posture). All this in a welcoming and inspiring environment to help participants achieve their goals, whether that’s improving their fitness or relaxing after a busy day.

The Barre concept Barre comes to us from the United States and England, where it has been very popular and sought-after for many years. The Barre technique is a combination of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga using dumbbells, balls, mini-bands and other accessories to tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles.

Classes are suitable for all levels! Each muscle group will be worked intensively through a variety of sets on the bar or floor, followed by stretching to ensure an essential balance between strength and flexibility. A complete class combining strengthening and stretching, all set to motivating music.


The aim of the project is to establish a top-of-the-range barre and pilates studio in Geneva, more specifically opposite the Parc des Bastions, offering our clients a space dedicated to health, well-being and fitness.

I am committed to offering the highest quality barre and pilates classes with certified instructors who are passionate about their work. In particular, I believe that health and wellbeing are not limited to physical exercise, so my studio will encourage a holistic approach to wellbeing, incorporating a relaxation corner for our customers, with the possibility of consuming superfood juices, teas and other practices that promote healthy living on site.

The classes will be tailored to individual needs, whether for absolute beginners to barre and pilates, more advanced clients or people with specific rehabilitation needs. I also aspire to create a caring community where our clients feel encouraged and inspired. Social events, workshops and other outdoor activities will be organised to strengthen the bonds between our members. I will also be listening to my customers, taking on board feedback and comments in order to adjust the offer to meet their needs.


Through crowdfunding, I’m offering you the chance to make your contribution. CHF 25,000 is the minimum amount needed to make a success of the crowdfunding and carry out this project in the best possible conditions, with quality equipment for the classes and the installation of specific materials for sound absorption and soundproofing of the studio - important because it is located in an old building with authentic charm.

Aware that your participation is essential to the success of this project, I’m offering you some attractive and exclusive rewards, which I hope you’ll find very satisfying!

The whole team is looking forward to seeing you in January 2024 in our studio! Thanking you in advance for your participation!