Co~create Tiny HOUSE Community in Ericeira PRT to recharge ~ living the DREAM
SLOW living & off grid ~ sustainable travelling & living in nature
DESIGN & sea lovers/surfers
GROWTH & holistic wellbeing


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Concluded on 26/6/2024

TINY HOUSE community / rental in Ericeira & holistic wellbeing

Do you want to slow down and recharge your batteries with the magic of wonderful nature? Or develop yourself further?

Whether it’s a surfing holiday, working remotely or enjoying a holiday with the family, then you’ve come to the right place! You can also book a holistic WELLBEING programme to take you to the next level in a desired area of your life.

  • Create balance & re-centre (find clarity)
  • Plan & realise a creative project
  • learn something new or grow in career, love or wealth
  • COMMUNITY with like-minded people & locals supporting
  • Support nature (permaculture) & promote sustainable travelling

WHY? Since I can think and feel - I love to increase people / places or projects in their potential. As an empathetic person, it fulfils me when other people experience joy & success. That’s why I accompany people in their growth - be it in creativity, relationships or making dreams come true.

The TINY HOUSE should serve as inspiration and ACTION. On the one hand, I am realising my dream and on the other, I am creating a place where other dreams can come true.

If this resonates and YOU want to become part of the COMMUNITY / Movement, then support and benefit at the same time. Because that’s what it’s all about! Creating new ways of living where we can work & grow together. SHARING is CARING **

Have a look at the REWARDS on the right, which I have created - as gratitude & for an appreciative balance. I would be delighted from the bottom of my heart if YOU would join me **

Unique concept at the highest level

With the combination of the following ingredients, a unique and high quality package is created here

  • breathtaking nature / absolute silence and only animal sounds audible
  • Sustainability with off-grid on wheels (no negative impact on nature)
  • Construction with sustainable and circular awareness at the highest level
  • unique DESIGN with high functionality and aesthetics / trends
  • best location with world class surfing spots 5min away

    top geographical location with 40min from Lisbon airport / 40min Sintra / Nazaré & Peniche 60min (best reached by car)

  • holistic wellbing offers with more than 10 years of experience / training and talent
  • Sustainable tourism and culture is promoted
  • Insider tips in the region from food, cafe, shops to culture/nature
  • Experience of an alternative way of life


Use of funds > Building the Tiny House on wheels

PRE PROJECT this summer is to build a Tiny House in an existing community as a prototype. Next spring we plan to build our own community with several houses and camping sites with sea views.

As a foundation we need a trailer with wheels which already costs about 6000 CHF, then the construction of the architecture including the engineer for a mobile building. The entire interior plus the interior design. Everything is built sustainably and with high-quality materials, because this is also environmentally friendly.

COST BREAKDOWN Construction incl. planning / design / organisation / realisation approx. 140’000.- CHF

Off grid version (solar/water system/biodigester) of approx. 10’000.- CHF

TOTAL approx. 150’000.- CHF

  • I would need at least CHF 56,000 from the crowdfunding plus another CHF 10,000 as an additional target for the secured realisation

The rest will be financed by equity and investors/partners. If you are interested in joining as a partner or investor or if you know someone suitable - VERY WELCOME ***