Tinyhouse B&B Zanzibar

by B&B Zanzibar


Building up your own business in paradise? What a lot of people are dreaming of is exactly what we want to achieve with a little help from you for our Tinyhouse Bed & Breakfast!

CHF 9’480

118% of CHF 8’000

"118 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

77 backers

Successfully concluded on 21/8/2021

We made it to 118% - THANK YOU!!By B&B Zanzibar, on 21/08/2021

WE MADE IT not to 100% but to 118% of the expected funding! We can not thank all of you enough, thanks for supporting us! We are working with high speed to reach our dream goal of opening this Bed & Breakfast on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Please bare with us while we prepare all the «presents» that you supported us with. It will take some time, but it will find its way to you anyways :-). And for those who invested and already saved their holidays with us - we will keep you updated on the process of the construction personally! Thank you again for backing, supporting & believing in us. With love from «Zanzi», Lara & Tuzo :-)

WE MADE IT (already)By B&B Zanzibar, on 05/08/2021

100% funded in only 14 days because of YOU!!! We can not thank you enough for your amazing support! Thank you for backing us, for sharing our plans with your community and for believing in us. We will keep you posted with our progress & news on our linked instagram profiles. We still have 16 days to go until our funding with «wemakeit» ends, so keep on giving us the heads up like you did until now - you are AMAZING! With love from sunny and hot Zanzibar-Island, Lara & Tuzo

UPDATES ON INSTAGRAM🔥🏡By B&B Zanzibar, on 03/08/2021

we almost reached our goal because of all of you amazing supporters! thank you so so so much already! Follow us on Instagram for DAILY UPDATES about our progress with the first Tinyhouse! :-) Instagram: @laraf.tz

keep on sharing & keep on supporting - you are incredible!!! Warmest regards, Lara & Tuzo

Coconut trees are planted & new materials have arrived!! yaaaay! :-)By B&B Zanzibar, on 27/07/2021

finally!! we can start with building our first tinyhouse! :-)