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This is what it's all about.

TinyWeed is a unique product in the world. We have thought well about the problems in the pre rolled business, we have done a lot of market research and we realized that if it were a much simpler product to use, the request would be greater. So we created and deposited the TinyWeed idea, which holds 100% customer satisfaction.

Note! The THC content in TinyWeed is 0.46% -> CBD over 12%!

Specifically, these are pre rolled of 0.2 gr., it does not contain tobacco but as a substitute for it we have added cut material always coming from the same plants. We can also give retailers a percentage of profit that nobody else offers.

You can order this product from the comfort of your home at www.tinyweed.ch

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My project is special because ...

It is very important that hemp is seen and used to draw on its beneficial properties. In fact TinyWeed does not contain tobacco, has a price that is accessible to everyone and we produce less waste than anyone else.

This is what I need backing for.

We collaborate with a chain of Italian Franchising Dispensaries, which remained attracted to the product and decided to market it. The funds raised are used for the growth of our company, for the purchase of material for example for the construction of special machinery to create TinyWeed. It is a machine invented by us and it is a registered project, but we lack the funds to expand everything and start.