We are Edition Moderne, the comic publishing house from Zurich. We’re having financial difficulties and need your support to survive. Together we are too big to fail!

CHF 119’875

119% of CHF 100’000

119 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

772 backers

Successfully concluded on 23/6/2023


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  • Hello Edition Moderne,
    Congratulations for your successful wemakeit campaign. I am very happy for you and your business, and for all the readers you have and will have. Bravo !
    I am writing you to ask for your help : I am also in a wemakeit campaign, for my 7th book (but the first one for small children aged between 3 and 7). The campaign reached 77% of it's goal, and there are still 12 days left. Is there any chance you could talk about my campaign, or transfert it to your 773 backers ? That would be so helpfull and kind of you. Here is the link : https://wemakeit.com/projects/brigand-chien-detective
    I can also imagine you have a lot of work and no time for that. Which would also be ok, no worries.
    I wish you a great end of the week and all the best with les Editions Moderne.

    Clarisse Bauwens on 14/7/2023 10:34

  • ich unterstütze die Edition Moderne, weil es so spezielle und besondere Bücher braucht.

    bachmann on 22/6/2023 22:32

  • Die Welt und die Schweiz braucht etwas mehr Humor, auch bei ernsten Themen. Wenn «Too Big to Fail» bei Schweizer Banken nicht hinhaut, so wenigstens in der Kultur der Schweiz!

    Daniel V. Christen on 22/6/2023 20:05

  • ich solche Institutionen wichtig finde und ich die Comickultur schätze und die Personen sehr sympathisch sind!

    jowls_67 on 22/6/2023 20:04

  • Das Projekt hat mich einfach berührt.

    Doris on 22/6/2023 20:02

  • Eine der wichtigsten deutschsprachigen Comicverlage überhaupt. !!! Bitte alle unterstützen!

    Christian Fürst on 16/6/2023 19:57

  • Big big fan of Edition Moderne! If you open it up to more shareholders, please let me know.

    Alles Gueti nur!

    Eduard Tschan on 15/6/2023 17:19

  • Weil ich ein grosser Comicfan bin und ich Herrn barandun kenne

    Theatererschaffen Adam&Eva on 12/6/2023 18:29

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