Environment and Deliveries

Imagine shipping a product, anywhere, at any time, thanks to eco-friendly couriers… And thanks to a single APP!

Did you know that shipping represents 70% of the world’s freight and 20% of CO2 emissions and that city deliveries represent only 3% of freight and 20% of CO2 emissions?

Many eco-friendly people have understood this and have created delivery companies with cargo bikes, electric vans… and many other green vehicles…

At Toplane, we believe that this method is still not used enough by citizens and we have decided to put all our energy and skills to work.

Why a Marketplace ?

A marketplace allows to group together under an app, all the green couriers from all over the world, but also by providing the eco-friendly couriers with a veritable work tool by transforming their smartphone into a scanner for deliveries.


1) Chat and call your customer 2) Send a payment order to your customer 3) Track the route to the pick-up and delivery point 4) Take a photo, and signature, on the app, to prove the reception 5) Ratings and customer reviews.


1) List all eco-couriers, 24/7 in any part of the world, in a single app. 2) Secure payments. The courier is only paid after delivery. 3) Insurance up to €100,000 on each orders 4) Reviews and testimonials


1) Greener transporters 2) Reduced CO2 emissions and pollution 3) Less noise in cities 4) A breath of fresh air in the midst of urban chaos and traffic

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Why we need your help ?

The budget to complete the programming and publicise our app is over EUR 80,000. Crowdfunding is therefore the launch pad to more funding from other organisations, and applications are ongoing. Your contribution is therefore extremely important to show that there is interest in the Toplane app!

We look forward to your participation in the funding. In return, we will provide free software that can contribute to a better world.

If you want to help the project, contact us! We look forward to your support.

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