Torrent is a yearly magazine focusing on source materials by artists, edited by Daniel Kurjakovic and Linda Jensen. It features previously unpublished material from artists ongoing research archives.

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Successfully concluded on 5/12/2015

That's a wrap! By Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, on 25/04/2016

A splendid 2016 to you all!

We’re pleased to note that all rewards have been sent off or are nearing their destination. The digital versions to some backers will be sent very soon.

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Again we’d like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following individuals from the four corners of the world for their support in realizing issue n° 3:

Haseeb Ahmed, Brussels/Zurich; Daniele Balit, Paris; Ami Barak, Paris; Erich Bernegger, Zurich; Peter Bichsel/Fine Books, Zurich; Bildrauschen (Markus Bucher), Zurich; Tashi Brauen, Zurich; Chris Bünter, Zurich; Alexandra Chang, New York; Vassily Hatzimanikatis, Lausanne; Enoch Cheung, Hong Kong; Choi Yan Chi, Hong Kong; Manuel Cirauqui, New York; Carolina Cordero di Vonzo, Hong Kong; Julio Costa, Montreal; cpress (Christof Nüssli and Christoph Oeschger), Zurich; Stéphane Croughs, Paris; Salim Djaferi, Liège; Sandra Doublet, La Roche sur Yon; Oskar Gasser, Zollikon; Jan Gassmann, Zurich; Johannes Gees, Zurich; Arianna Gellini, Zurich; Andrea Alexandra Günter, Zurich; Carl Gustav, Zurich; Walter H. Holden, Skokie; Anna Holm, Copenhagen; Ariane Kellenberger, Ebikon; Iordanis Kerenidis, Paris; Jitish Kallat, Mumbai; Sibylle Koch, Paris; Saladin Kurjaković, Montreal; Erwin Lüthi, Hong Kong; Patrick Lafièvre, Levallois-Perret; Jeff Leung, Hong Kong; Laura Locher, Zurich; Antonia Loosen, Zurich; Roland Lüthi, Zurich; Philip Matesic, Zurich; Tasneem Mayet, San Francisco; Alice McCabe, London; Maya Minder, Zurich; Rolf Oertli, Zurich; Fatuma Osman, Zurich; Hannes Oswald and Anita Poullou, Zurich; Hammad Nasar, Hong Kong; Simon Nehme, Beirut; Seraina Renz, Chur; Angelo Romano, Zurich; Nicola Ruffo, Zurich; Vittorio Santoro, Paris/Zurich; Mikkel Seiling, Zug; Dimitrina Sevova, Glattbrugg; Christoph Schifferli, Zurich; Bob Silver, New York; Fiete Stolte, Berlin; Ursula Sulser, Zurich; Keijiro Suzuki, Nagoya; Verein Bob le Flaneur (Efa Mühlethaler), Berne; Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou; Peter Voss-Knude, Copenhagen; Gabriela Walther, Lucerne; Gregor Wassmann, Zurich; Paul Winstanley, London; Susann Wintsch, Zurich; Chantal Wong, Hong Kong; Tim Wouters, Brussels; Ian Yang, Amsterdam and Yeung Yang, Hong Kong. And to all those who prefer to remain anonymous. Special thanks to Alain Kantarjian, Paris.

Thank you!By Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, on 06/12/2015

Thank you for all your generous support: the target has been reached!

We are overjoyed to let you know that the production of the magazine has been launched and we’re delighted to soon present you with the newest issue of Torrent magazine and to allocate your rewards.

We look forward to raising a glass to all the kind backers on December 11th during the launch event in Zurich!

See more here:

Again, thank you everyone!

Sneak peak of the cover!By Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, on 20/11/2015

A heartfelt thanks to all our backers for their great support! We are getting closer and closer to our goal and are now at 36%!

Here is a preview of the newly created cover with some cues to the contents. A visual stunner designed by Philipp Herrmann.