This is what it's all about.

Alex, a young woman who has to live with a congenital heart defect, wants to escape her confining everyday life. With her older sister Camille - who often has put her own needs last in favor of her younger sister - they return to their family’s vacation house in South of France. Through an accident they meet Jess on the way there. Her free spirited and impulsive nature disrupts the two sisters’ plans and pushes their relationship to its limits. Confronted with their weaknesses they are challenged to rethink their vision of freedom.


The goal of our project

We want to move the audience with «Tout Près du Ciel» and make them rethink their own perception of freedom. Our goal is to reach a big audience through national and international film festivals. Film festivals are essential for young filmmakers to establish important contacts within the film industry for any future projects. This short film will give us the freedom to express ourselves artistically in front and behind the camera. It is important to us to write strong female roles, which represents an interesting challenge for us as actresses. As this film is about three young women as well as it is produced, directed and written by women we are supporting female filmmakers and actresses and doing our part to contribute to the gender equality in the film industry.


This is what we need backing for.

The financial support through «We Make it» will allow us to cover the effectives costs (equipment, props, meals, travel, etc.) we’ll have while shooting for a week including a crew of 8 to 10 people. We are also very grateful for any financial support that exceeds our financial goal on «We Make it» as there will be additional costs associated with post-production, such as film festival fees, which alone will cost around CHF 2000.

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