Towaga is an action-packed, intense and fun 2D action game developed specifically for iPhones & Android.

You play Chimù, a powerful sorcerer and last survivor of the end of time, who is now entrenched atop the legendary Towaga tower.

Towaga will first be available on AppStore (iOS). An Android release will follow.

You start your game posted at the top of the Towaga Tower. From your golden altar, you overlook your city, ravaged by the shadows.

When dark monsters climb up your tower, you have to push them them back with your control and damage spells, before they reach you. For each damage combo, your trance gauge will gradually fill, bringing you closer to becoming a Being of Light.

During the invasion, portals will spawn around you. Waves of enemies coming from the old world through the portals will force you to explore and seal the portals, each portal having its own universe and a unique way to be sealed.

At the same time, you need to consider your survival by strategically deciding between upgrading a spell or unlocking a particular ability.

You can run three spells by means of short manipulations on the touch screen. Each spell has a specific function which you must use with caution in order to survive and ensure maximum damage to your enemies.

  1. Divine Strike: a powerful spell which inflicts great damage to a single target.
  2. Wind Shield: A spell which protects you from a group of enemies by creating a magical shield.
  3. Chain Lightning: a spell which creates a designated area which inflicts minor damage to a group of enemies.
  4. Divine Possession : You will have the option to transform yourself into a being of light with super powers. You will then have access to more powerful spells within a limited time-frame.

We are, a young, Swiss-based start-up and indie game developers, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. A united team, we are highly motivated to meet our goals: create fun and challenging games. We love sharing our gaming world with gaming players.

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  • We also wish to contribute to the Swiss video game market and boost its popularity within our country. With your help, and if the game is successful, it will allow us to hire more developers and support the Swiss independent developers community!

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