Travel to South Africa in a more socially conscious way

With this crowdfunding initiative, the newly formed Swiss NGO, MEETCHANGEMAKERS hopes to bring the travel industry on board with the idea of ’Social Compensation’. We aim to help develop a system that allows socially conscious travellers the opportunity to give back to the communities and people they come into contact with.

MEETCHANGEMAKERS is proposing a voluntary ’Social Compensation’ option for travellers to select when they make their travel bookings. This would be similar to the carbon-offset compensation that many travellers have happily adopted.

When travellers book a flight, hotel or travel package to South Africa with travel specialists, online booking platforms, hotels and airlines, they will be given the opportunity to make a financial contribution towards a socially uplifting project.

By selecting this option, a percentage of their booking value will be calculated and distributed to the relevant project.

These projects have been carefully evaluated and identified by MEETCHANGEMAKERS as legitimate, established initiatives that are led by local Changemakers who are making a positive difference in their communities.

MEETCHANGEMAKERS is also proposing that the Social Compensation gives contributing travellers the opportunity to meet a Changemaker and get first-hand experience of their community upliftment project.

This authentic, uplifting, and life-changing experience has the potential to not only change a traveller’s life, but have a positive impact on the community they visit too.

What will MEETCHANGEMAKERS do with your support?

The two founders of MEETCHANGEMAKERS have invested CHF75’000 to start up the NGO.

With CHF20’000 raised through the crowdfunding, we will have the resources necessary to develop an innovative and impactful ’Social Compensation’ proposal for the travel industry.

This would be the essential catalyst for motivating the industry to come on board, and adopt the ’Social Compensation’ idea for their clients.

This proposal consists of:

  • A feasibility study
  • Identifying and building relationships with suitable international tourism partners who care about fair, authentic travel

Who are the Changemakers?

Changemakers are the role models of the 21st century, helping to build a sustainable world for future generations. These ordinary people with extraordinary ideas transform their communities.

MEETCHANGEMAKERS has profiled them on the website so you can get to know them better.

They include a cancer survivor who became an agricultural pioneer to feed her community to a graffiti artist who is transforming neglected neighbourhoods, and inspiring children through creative arts. Other South African Changemakers include coders, environmentalists, reformed gangsters, and advocates for human rights.

Find out about their inspiring stories and how they impact their communities:

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