We plant oxygen

Meet Suparman - the man behind Suparman Pizza and Gili Trawangan’s own tree planting superhero! In the last year Suparman has moved the community to help him fulfill his mission to plant oxygen all across the island. To date, the community has planted over 5000 trees and he has big plans for more.

Treevolution as a mission

The tree-planting project is about improving the health of the ecosystem on the island and making it even more beautiful for all to enjoy. The Gili Eco Trust has been amazing collaborators and Suparman appreciates all the support he’s received from every individual and local business that has been involved so far. He still needs your help to keep this project going. Anytime you are around on Gili T, he would love to meet you, just pop into Suparman Pizza to say hello (he is famous for his pizzas and Soto Ayam as well). Join #suparmanstreevolution!

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This is what we need backing for.

The current project foresees the following: 1.000 trees to be planted each on Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. 1 tree sapling costs 0,32 CHF * 3000 = 960 CHF 10 shovels for 10 CHF each = 100 CHF

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