Trio Klavis & Peter Turrini

by Trio Klavis


On the album «In the name of love» music and poetry tell stories of love, fears and hopes of an adolescent. Trio Klavis plays music by their saxophonist Miha Ferk, Peter Turrini reads Peter Turrini.

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Successfully concluded on 30/6/2023

CD recording «Im Namen der Liebe» (In The Name Of Love)

On this album compositions of our own saxophonist Miha Ferk meet poems of writer Peter Turrini. It is the first album of Trio Klavis that consists purely of music written by a member of the ensemble. As a result this album is an hommage to the combined sound violin, saxophone and piano as well as an hommage to one of the great writers, Peter Turrini, who read for this CD himself.

Played by Trio Klavis: Jenny Lippl, violin Miha Ferk, saxophone Sabina Hasanova, piano

Read by Peter Turrini

About the album

In the spring of 2021, Miha Ferk, our saxophonist, received a call from Maria Saal in Carinthia. He was asked if he would like to compose music to the poems of the famous writer Peter Turrini. For this project Turrini himself would make a selection of poems describing his childhood and early youth in Maria Saal. Miha happily agreed. This was a unique task for him, growing up close to Turrini’s hometown, just across the Austrian-Slovenian border some 40 years later. While reading the poems, Miha recognised many of young Peter’s feelings from his own childhood. The poems were just as intimately personal as they were universally human. Writing them into songs seemed invasive. Instead he created musical reflections on the poems to have music and poetry in a dialog. Miha wrote the musical pieces for his trio, Trio Klavis. As Peter Turrini listened to his poems with the compositions, he himself suggested to record this program as an album.

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In order to release this recording we need:

  • A studio
  • Our trusted sound engineers to record, edit, mix and master
  • The rights to the poems from Suhrkamp edition, to be able to print them in our booklet
  • The cooperation with our label Preiser Records for production and distribution
  • Photos

We have dedicated lots of care, time and thought to make this production happen in the form of:

  • Composition
  • Rehearsal and recording time
  • Graphic design for the booklet including all the poems