King George, Gibson und De Kermadec-Bläss

What do these three names have in common? They belong to three instruments built by the legendary violin maker Antonio Stradivari, three instruments that the Trio Oreade unite in an ensemble. The cello «De Kermadec-Bläss» comes from 1698, an early work, the viola «Gibson» - one of 9 existing worldwide - from 1734, when Stradivari was already at the end of his creative life. In the golden period he built the «King George» in 1710. All are named after their previous owners who left a lasting impression and who are part of the instruments’ adventurous and fascinating journey over the centuries. We are fortunate to be able to play for three years on these three instruments, generous loans from the Stadivari Foundation Habisreutinger.

We would like to share the incredible sound of these instruments with a jewel of string trio literature, the Divertimento by W.A. Mozart in E flat major KV 563, recorded on a CD.

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We are the Trio Oreade, playing together since 2012. We won the International Competition for string trio in Munich 2012, 2014 the August Pickhardt competition for chamber music in Basel while we were working with Rainer Schmidt from the Hagen Quartet in the Graduate Course. Since then we have performed at many festivals (including Gstaad Menuhin) and in large concert series (Tonhalle Zurich, Stadtcasino Basel …). To be able to play on these Stradivariuses is such an honor for us and feels like a glorious reward after hard work. We are thrilled and excited to perform with them and record this CD. In addition to the core literature of the string trio, we also like to dig for unknown treasures in the repertoire and present our audience exciting, well thought-out programs where we relate «old» to «new» music. We have set ourselves the goal to interpret the musical expression and intention of each composer without compromise, in a way which hopefully lifts the listening audience to a new level of musical experience.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes about us:

«The prevailing opinion today is that the classical music business is dying, owing to its inability to adapt to the changes of time. The «trio oreade», in its chamber music soirée in the Tonhalle, Zürich, showed just how «alive» classical music can be in the 21st Century. (…) The principle behind the programming is to present the «new» with the «old» and create a natural synthesis between the two.»

Stradivari Vol.1 - Mozart Divertimento

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Only a few ensembles worldwide play Stradivari instruments. And only a few string trios play and stay together as long as the Trio Oreade. This gives us the chance to immerge into the most beautiful of all string trios - with the most beautiful of all instruments. A special meeting of ingenious instruments and ingenious music.