TrioColores & Avner Dorman

by TrioColores


With the commission of a new Triple Concerto by the American-Israeli composer Avner Dorman, the TrioColores would like to fulfill a dream they have been striving for a long time.

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New commission to Avner Dorman

With this commission to the American-Israeli composer Avner Dorman, the TrioColores would like to fulfill a dream they have been striving for a long time. A very special work is to be created. This novelty with traditional roots will not only be performed by the ensemble TrioColores in concert halls all over the world but will also be made available on all common platforms of social media in the usual high quality.

Symbiosis in every sense

TrioColores is very committed to the further development of the repertoire for the instrumental group percussion and would like to show completely new facets to the audience. In addition, the music we commission should bring people together, connect different cultures and musical styles.

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The percussion is compared still a very young instrument. We live in a time in which we have the chance to fundamentally and decisively shape the development of the instrumental group of percussion.

Avner Dorman is a very special composer for us percussionists. He has an extraordinary knack with percussion instruments, which is evident in several solo works for percussion and orchestra. He is an absolute master of uniting music from different cultures into a new sound language all his own. We, too, have recently been very busy putting music from the repertoire of other instruments into a new sonic context. Therefore, the symbiosis between Avner Dorman’s music and our musical work is enormously interesting and promising for us.

We want to create a special work, modern in its own way, a way that is more important nowadays than ever before: a work that brings people together, is culturally connecting, folklore and audience-oriented, and definitely with the finesse Dorman is known for.

Our goal is to commission a work that will have meaning in the short and long term. We want this 30-minute work to be experienced by broad concert audiences around the world, both live in the concert hall and mediated on mainstream social media platforms. With your contribution, you not only support the final financing of our composition commission to Avner Dorman, but also the innovative creative process of the ensemble TrioColores and its continuation at this level. Support our crowdfunding campaign and become part of our largest project since the ensemble’s founding and become part of the TrioColores network.