Triptonus Album Nr. 4

by Fabian


Triptonus, a collective founded in Vienna in 2012, blends progressive/psychedelic rock with music from all over the world.

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Who we are...

Triptonus is a collective formed in vienna in 2012 - aside from the default setup of drums, bass and 2 guitars there is also djembe, bongos, darbuka, didgeridoo and a sampler on board to create a cross-genre mix somewhere between prog/psych rock and world music.

On our tours, we played at many international festivals and had the honour to share the stage with some of our favorite acts like Elder, Rotor, Monkey3 or Stoned Jesus.

So far, we released 3 records («Sprout» 2013, «Triptonus» 2015 and «Soundless Voice» 2021)

Now it’s time for number 4.

What happend since the last album «Soundless Voice» (2021) ?

Since our last release a lot has happened. Two old members (drums & bass) left and three new members (drums, percussion and bass) joined the collective.

Due to canceled tours we all had some time for ourselves, new ideas quickly evolved, to be eventually elaborated within the group and, finally, presented on stage last year.

Having completed this important part of the writing process, it’s now time to go back to the studio.

Due to the abstinence of lyrics in our music we put even more effort into the elaboration of every individual songpart, the sequences and arrangements.

It is our utmost concern to integrate every instrument into an harmonic whole that will bring you the soundtrack to your own movie in your head.

Let yourself sink into spherical depths, be carried by waves of a stormy sea to the beach of your own island…

This is what we need backing for.

We have big plans and ideas for the future - first of all we want to release our (soon to be recorded) fourth album! The plan is to do that in the first quarter of 2024!

We also want to produce more videos, make new merch available for you guys and of course tour as much as possible in the coming month and years.

To pay for all of that (studio, mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing…) we need your help.

You can preorder the album (cd, vinyl, digital) today, get some awesome merch along the way or some other exclusive special. You can also just give us a LARGE (or small) amount of money, if that’s what you desire :)

Please get in touch if you have a question about the rewards -or if you want a reward thats not available yet - we´ll try our best to make it happen ;-)