Who knows the difficulties that need to be overcome every day? What battles must be fought against oneself, against the shame of having a device stuck on your skin forever? Can we live normally? Will others understand?

To answer these questions, we have decided to create a work of fiction rather than the often seen documentaries.

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Kiana Ranjbar became a type 1 diabetic at the age of 21, she was suddenly facing a new journey, one full of battles that needed to be faced. The first of these battles was accepting her diagnosis and its lifelong nature, along with others such as the confusion that often surounds type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A desire to share her experiences of what diabetics go through with other people to help with understanding this illness has led to her decision to create a film.

She joins forces with Christophe Delesques, french actor and theatre producer, and the scriptwriting begins. The film direction is entrusted to Sami Khadraoui, a young swiss director and producer at www.badtastepictures.ch. The team already has two great actors: Elphie and Cyril Fragnière.


Sophie, whose professional career is booming, is trying to realize her desire for pregnancy. Andy, surrounded by friends, finds himself alone when love, finally, seems possible. The protagonists face a disease that is attacking not only their body, but also their self-image. Their strength allows them to go beyond the way people perceive them, whether medical staff or friends.

The film will be in french subtitled english german.

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Making a film costs money. Renting cameras and lights for a shoot week but also paying insurance, costumes, make-up, travel, meals, advertising, editing, music and crowdfunding fees.

With this first stage of 18 000 € these costs will be covered. Beyond that, we will be able to pay the 20 people who will work on the film.

Thank you ! Thank you for helping us realizing this project to finally show the world what diabetics live everyday. And don’t forget to spread the word!