Unconventional outdoor bench-exhibition, Zürich 2016

Art in the streets! For Dada art is no comfortable armchair (but a piece of furniture or a business investment)! For Dada art is the unexpected appearance of thought and beauty, which is just as unpredictable, single and unrepeatable as life itself.

Let’s just free Her from the captivity of museums, exhibition halls, galleries, literary magazines or reading sessions and present art in the streets!

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What is this?

A project made up by the Dunaway Gallery attempts to make Tristan Tzara’s literary works widely known by placing parts and verses of his Dadaist poems and manifestos on 20 outdoor benches.

The artists Zsolt Dóró, Dániel Farkas, Attila Nyakas and Norbert Szabó merged their visual worlds with the visual motives and the morals of Tzara’s poems. The poems and manifestos appear on the back of the benches, both the extracts and the full texts. Every single bench is an individual work of multidisciplinary art. They have functional aims and bring art close to the public.

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Art in the streets of Zürich!

The project was realized in the form of an unconventional outdoor exhibition on the Danube Battery of Szentendre. Now the benches are waiting to go to the streets of Zürich next spring to be able to herald that art is no comfortable armchair but an outdoor bench we can sit on.

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Why you should back this project?

The financial support is necessary for the following: transportation costs (hiring a van, fuel), placing the benches out to the streets (technical details, permissions, authorities, accommodation, food), costs of the bench-exhibit opening ceremony (wages of the performing artists, buffet, posters).