u-may: Partnersearch Taken To The Next Level

We made a lot of personal experience with online dating-sites and we were shocked by the quality and prices. So we decided to make it better. We analyzed existing services, added our own experience and ideas and created u-may, a revolutionary platform with lots of innovations. See why u-may is different and better.

What’s New And Unique With u-may ?

U-may offers a complete new approach to online dating. See a short list of what’s so unique:

  • Only women can contact men. You can read here. why everyone profits from this rule
  • No auto-renewing memberships
  • No annoying partner suggestions. You search and choose yourself
  • We also test general knowledge (because everyone can call himself «elite»)
  • High level of security

U-may was created in a unique design to ease the search and make it more user-friendly. See some screenshots to get an impression.

Your Help To Launch

U-may is almost finished and we already invested a lot of money and time to reach this point. For the final testing, hosting and advertisment for launch we need some funds to start in 2015.

You’re Support Is Important To Us

We created some nice «Thank you» packages for our supporters. Most packages aim for single persons, but some packages you can make also as a gift to singles you know.

P.S.: What Does U-May Mean ?

The name of the site derives from «you may» and reflects it’s content, because a woman intrested in a man invites him to contact with a polite «you may».