Ukrainian refugees/Education

by Nadia Steiner


We would like to give Ukrainian refugees a quick start in the new online profession!

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Successfully concluded on 8/9/2022

We give new online profession to Ukrainian refugies!

Dear all!

We organize free classes for Ukrainian Refugees! The war changed peoples life in Ukraine, and many people have to leave there jobs and houses and flee to the new country, mostly its a women with children, without language knowledges, who really can not work a lot. So our idea is to give them a quick start in the new online profession.

We would like to teach them No code Web development, in collaboration with the Swiss startup Smilodo E-Shops, its a Swiss Web Site Builder for international e-commerce trading.

In just 1 month they will be able to create web products for businesses and start to work internationally, and there is a huge demand for this. The course will take one month and include home tasks and tutor help. This is a voluntary initiative, so the price for one student will be 30 CHF(discounted to 90%) !!

If you are interested to give a new professional start for at least one Ukrainian Refugee, now it’s very easy.

My project is special because ...

We are all people, the people should help people!

By donating just 30 CHF you can support 1 refuge. With 300 CHF you can support 10 refugees to get a new IT profession. Follow the school link to get more information about the course.

We help Ukraine!

All proceeds...

are going to SMILODO-SCHOOL… the educational initiative platform, created by Nadia Steiner in collaboration with Swiss startup SMILODO, the WEB Builder for e-commerce trading…

What is SMILODO?

A well-coordinated team of qualified developers who create an e-commerce product located in ZUG.

SMILODO is a unique platform that combines a common platform for searching for products and a full-featured service for creating and managing an online business.

User-friendly interface help to simplify the developing process for the WEB - developers and helps to earn maximum income!

SMILODO is based on the principle of modular programming, which reduces the process of creating web products by 10 times, and the cost of work by 5 times, as one person can perform several functions at once.

IT specialists are now the most in-demand and expensive on the market.

With SMILODO platform it is possible to create almost any WEB product just moving the objects on the working space, no special education is needed.

That is why a new profession No-code developer appeared and is gaining momentum. The salaries in the freelance market are even higher than the salaries of ordinary developers who are able to program.

At the start of a new business, No-Code development may be the most in-demand service. No-Code developers could not only help companies automate various business processes, reducing costs manifold, but also do consulting for money. In addition, it is possible to earn at some stages of No-Code development.

Mastering this profession opens up the possibility of making money online by creating Web - products for other entrepreneurs, or yourself and subsequently using them as an advertising platform for passive income, as well as working as a coach for beginner No-code Web - developers. All of this we will go through in the course.

To get more information about the course please follow the link below!