The story of ROWTEX Rowing Clothes

Rowing is a great sport for fantastic athletes. As former rowers, we have been thinking for a while… Why are there so few options for great rowing apparel? It’s time to change that and make customized rowing apparel perfect for a great performance and style.

We started our rowing project in 2006. Our first products were rowing gloves with a perfect fit to protect rowers’ hands from painful blisters. Just like withrowtex gloves, our goal has always been to make great, thought-through products with high quality, great functionality, and cool design. Since more and more customers asked us to take the next step and design a collection of rowing clothes, we finally found a perfect partner that can provide the quality, creativity, and style we like. Months of details prototyping later, our new product is ready to conquer the waters around the world:

The ROWTEX Anorak!

One thing is certain: we spent weeks on observing, drawing, finding the right material, and testing. And as much as we go into details with our gloves, we have spent months to come up with the following Anorak:

  • Minimum volume
  • Light weight
  • Slim fit
  • Stretchable
  • Waterproof 5.000mm
  • Windproof
  • Breathable 5.000G/M²/24H
  • Fully seam-taped
  • Stowable hood

The ANORAK is unisex and will be available in the sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL (unisex XS = women’s S).

For the final step, we need your help! Get on board and join our Crowdfunding Campaign. Get your ROWTEX ANORAK now and help us to finance production. If we succeed, there will be more products added to our collection.

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Rowing Clothes tailored for rowers by rowers

Rowing is one of the oldest sports with great tradition. It seems that the rowing apparel that people use have not advanced even though the sport is getting ever more dynamic, athletic, and fun! With the brand ROWTEX, we want to equip rowers with customized and great looking gear. The ideas for function and style all come from athletes. This is how we work: by rowers for rowers! In order to produce customized rowing gloves, we spent a lot of time on prototyping, testing, and finding the right material. Rowing apparel has to live up to a lot of critical challenges: withstanding harsh weather, repelling water, maintaining fit throughout the rowing movements, and showcasing style. We will continue our path to building the perfect rowing apparel products! We are rowers and our passion for creating the perfect apparel makes ROWTEX a unique project.

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We need you on board!

It is a long process from the first drawings to the final product. The last step is always the hardest: to get the production going, we need to finance a big order of ANORAKS in advance. During the crowdfunding campaign, you have the chance to secure your ANORAK at a very special price! Your support helps us finance the production.. And since we get such great support from the rowing community, we want to surprise you with amazing rewards - only available during the crowdfunding campaign! So, don’t hesitate and get on board!

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