Final Step @ Uncle Joe’s Space Mill Tour 2015

FINAL STEP is a Tessiner band, and is now organizing the «Uncle Joe’s Space Tour 2015», with a series of shows already confirmed and others that should be confirmed: we’re confident, after the past shows, we can organize a very strong tour because our music is really highly appreciated (you’ll notice that!), mostly from live fans.

This Tour should allow the musical project to become relevant both on national and international horizon. We have contacts in Tessin, all of Switzerland, Italy and Germany as our album is distributed internationally and we already have a co-production proposal from national broadcasting radio RSI – Rete Due for the third album.

Your Support

You could support and help us and our 2015 Tour will have success. How? You could simply buy one or more Cds, partecipate at the concerts, at the recording sessions, up to help sustain a show production or collaborate to realizing a show. You have different possibilities. Only with your support we could sustain costs from the 2015 Tour realization.

Shows already booked

  • 12 marzo 2015, Teatro di Banco, Banco (Svizzera)
  • 13 marzo 2015, 67 JazzClub Varese, Varese (Italia)
  • 21 marzo 2015, Il magazzino, Losone (Svizzera)
  • 18 aprile 2015, Teatro Santamanzio, Travedona Monate (Italia)
  • 4 ottobre 2015, Osteria Teatro Unione, Riva San Vitale (Svizzera)
  • 22 maggio 2015: KAFF, Frauenfeld (Svizzera)
  • TBA: Nuovo Studio Foce, Lugano (Svizzera)

Final Step

FINAL STEP is a Tessiner band, that plays progressive-jazz since 2003. In FINAL STEP are now involved, in addition to leader and founder Matteo Finali (guitar), Fabio Buonarota (trumpet, flugelhorn), Alessandro Ponti (piano, keyboards, hammond), Francesca Morandi (bass), Dario Milan (drums) and Silvano de Tomaso (percussions). Max Pizio (sax & akai EWI) and Yuri Goloubev (double-bass) partecipated as guests on the record.

Realized its first CD «Desert Trolls» in 2010, playing in different occasions, for example in «Tra Jazz e Nuove Musiche» by National broadcasting radio RSI–Rete Due and for «Aspettando Estival» organized by Estival Jazz Lugano.

Uncle Joe’s Space Mill

«Uncle Joe’s Space Mill» (Altrisuoni, 2014 release) is Final Step’s second discographic work. In this second album, Final Step is revising its style, keeping its intense and captivating rhythms but making its sound more acoustic and vintage, with influences from Balkan, Middle Eastern and North African folk music, as well as jazz-oriented improvisation. The new album includes 8 songs and is enriched by an official video clip and a single (published on the 6th December 2013) and two video clips of live performances that were shot during the opening «Uncle Joe’s Space Tour 2014» date at Teatro Unione in Riva San Vitale (TI, Switzerland). After the album was published, the band played in several occasions.

See you soon, at your place!

You can support and make our music fly high! Thanks in advance!