The Swiss School of Stained Glass will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. However, today it is facing major challenges, it’s future being threatened by the sale of the building that houses it.

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Our school in a few words

The Swiss School of Stained Glass and Design offers training and courses in Monthey, Valais, in a historical and atypical building. It is a center of competence in the fields of stained and flat glass. Open to all, the school offers a program of technical, theoretical and artistic courses. Our mission is to teach the use and creation of stained glass, educating the hand in meticulous gestures, making it sensitive to tools and materials, and the understanding of the effects of colored glass in light and space.

Unique in Switzerland, our school is a place of mediation, of transmission of knowledge and skill and the perpetuation of an ancestral art and craft which, unfortunately, tends to disappear. It is a bridge between tradition and modernity, between art, design and expression.

Our project: to buy the school's walls

The place that has allowed us to carry out our activities for more than 20 years is ideally located in the city center It consists of a 200 m2 workshop and an adjacent villa that houses the reception and our offices. The workshop, which is mainly devoted to glass work, is perfectly adapted to our needs, with all the equipment necessary for the most varied applications and a large capacity.

Following the owner’s decision to sell the building, the school’s tenancy will be revoked. Therefore, we urgently need to find our own funds to acquire the building. If we fail in raising the necessary funds, our school will be in jeopardy, as will be the ongoing efforts to defend the interests of the stained glass world in Switzerland.

Our school has been built around this place over the past 20 years, and our activity is thus almost inseparable from the place that houses it. Its future depends on it.

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We believe that our school is more than just a school. It is a living, unique place, a place that serves to defend an age-old art form that is now in difficulty but, notwithstanding, continues to seduce and to be attractive. It is also an atypical place, home to a community of teachers, students, visitors and the general public. It is a place of culture and trade that aims to connect people around the beautiful and the good. With your help, we will be able to preserve this unique place, perpetuate an ancestral skill and continue to initiate and train the public in the little-known world of stained glass.