Unit62 training centre

by Yann Anon Favre


Contribute to the development of a brand new training place. Unit62 is coming to Western Lausanne! On the program: group classes, sports coaching, conviviality and sports events.

CHF 41’036

164% of CHF 25’000

164 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

150 backers

Successfully concluded on 14/6/2023


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  • I back this project because I like the concept of the training center. It reminded me a lot of the fitness training I did in Thailand, Phuket. Coincidentally, that gym is named Unit 27. So I hope to relive the ambiance I felt in Switzerland, and also meet like-minded people there.

    eunice.w.s on 14/6/2023 11:53

  • Yann est super balèze!

    Tom on 7/6/2023 23:43

  • Let’s gooooooooo ❤️🫶

    Tamara on 6/6/2023 17:55

  • Ma motivation à participer à ce projet c’est que mon Amo réalise son rêve ❤️
    Joyeux 32 ans

    Damir5532 on 5/6/2023 20:01

  • Je soutiens le projet car je suis convaincu que Yann mettra en œuvre son projet prometteur avec beaucoup d'engagement et de passion grâce à ses multiples compétences professionnelles et sociales.

    Regula on 3/6/2023 07:28

  • Yann is the best ✌️

    Claire86 on 30/5/2023 00:48

  • Merci beaucoup Philippe pour ce soutien et ce retour qui fait plaisir. Je suis très heureux de te compter parmi nous.

    Yann Anon Favre on 29/5/2023 17:39

  • Je soutiens ce projet, car Yann est un gars sérieux, professionnel et travailleur. Il mérite que ce projet aboutisse.

    Philippe Vidmer on 27/5/2023 13:05

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