Unit62 training centre

by Yann Anon Favre


Contribute to the development of a brand new training place. Unit62 is coming to Western Lausanne! On the program: group classes, sports coaching, conviviality and sports events.

CHF 41’036

164% of CHF 25’000

164 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

150 backers

Successfully concluded on 14/6/2023

A friendly training centre where you can meet up and do sport under the guidance of a trainer.

Each class will be led by a trainer in a friendly yet challenging atmosphere, each at their own level and adapted to their own fitness level: movement, strength work, mobility, cardio-vascular work. This centre will offer the possibility to participate in group training or to have a personal training service where the coach is 100% dedicated to one person.

The space will be held in the heart of multidisciplinary exchanges: our neighbours will be XTM, a pioneering Parkour school, and our other neighbours will be the Renens circus school.

It will be a training centre and more.

The centre will be a place for sharing, meeting and community. To this end, events will take place regularly:

  • Sports competitions
  • Sports seminars and training
  • (Sports) aperitifs!
  • Sports events with guest DJs
  • POP UP area for various creators
  • Reception area: sofas and drinks

Unit62 will be 200m2 dedicated to physical training and moreover by joining with the XTM Parkour room, it will be 680m2 dedicated to events. The place will allow a complete isolation of the noise, which guarantees a sound installation of the future!

And why Renens in all this? This booming city is a prime location for this new venue. It is ideally located not far from the train station, opposite a stop on the future tramway line that will link Lausanne to Bussigny, and also close to many businesses and schools. This new building is easily accessible from the whole of the Lausanne agglomeration and its surroundings.

How your support will help:

Through crowdfunding, Unit62 offers you the opportunity to contribute to the project. Several levels allow us to realize this project in the best conditions:

  • The CHF 25’000: the minimum level for successful crowdfunding and to start with quality equipment.
  • The CHF 40’000: the level to reinforce the training experience with a fully equipped room.
  • The CHF 50’000: the madness level to create a madness facility with a fully equipped room not only for training, but also for events.

By supporting the project, you will have access to advantageous and super exclusive rewards!

This future training centre, the future trainers and the future members are looking forward to seeing you in the spring of 2024 at Unit62.