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Live Concert

Make a video clip

A'mSon Although strongly influenced by the music of West Africa is tinged with various influences

In order to optimize our group and our tour in Africa, we decided to shoot and record a video that has long been an indispensable tool for the promotion of a music group.


To realize our project

A tour in West Africa is being set up in Senegal and Togo for December 2017 and January 2018. In Senegal, we are lucky to have a relay in the person of Sheikh Ly who has been an actor in the Senegalese cultural milieu for many years and is in charge of finding us contracts in different places of Senegal. In Togo, it was Raymond Dabla who agreed to take on this role, Mr. Dabla is the founder and president of the Franco-Togolese association «Cultural Action» whose actions include a label of promotion, management, communication and Artistic development.