We want the Swiss #UnpluggedKids movement to reach more parents around the world. Let’s get kids to spend more time outdoors and less time glued to screens! Next event: March 2017!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 9/4/2017

What is #Unplugged Kids?

A movement started in Switzerland to insipire and motivate parents to get their kids to spend more time discovering the magic of the outdoors and less time glued in front of an iphone, ipad or a TV screen. Technology has become omnipresent, and while it has many benefits, science has proven that our kids also need a break from electronics and screens.


Why support us?

Support us if you agree that kids are spending too much time in front of screens. Multiple scientific studies have shown that kids are spending less time playing in the outdoors and this has a direct negative correlation with obesity, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders (ADD) and also hampers creativity. #Unpluggedkids knows it CAN make a difference and also knows HOW. We ran a small but successful first edition in November 2016, learned a lot, and are now looking to go bigger in 2017. Nature and the outdoors is such an important part of Switzerland, let’s share it with the world!

What you will get?

We have 4 different levels of rewards depending on your interest in the cause.

  • Supporter: For CHF 10 you can make a real difference and in exchange receive a personal #UnpluggedKids supporter certificate.
  • T-Shirt: For CHF 40 you will make an even bigger difference and in exchange receive a custom made #UnpluggedKids supporter T-shirt
  • Time Timer: For CHF 70 you will make an even bigger difference, not only indirectly but also directly with the Award Winning ’Time Timer’ visual clock.
  • Hero Supporter: For CHF 120 You’ll be our hero supporter and in exchange will receive one of our custom made T-shirts, but even more importantly, a name of your choice will appear in the #UnpluggedKids movement ad which will run in a Swiss newspaper.