UTMB for Liziba

In August 2021, I will participate in the legendary Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) which is 172km long with 10000m of elevation gain, the summit of word trail running, in order to raise at least 2000 CHF for Liziba Source de Vie, a charitable organization which is dedicated to providing clean water in the D.R.C. You can find more details on their website: Liziba.org

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Through sports and energy, by running far and high, I support Liziba to provide clean water in DRC

Solidarity is at the heart of UTMB. In association with the UTMB, a group of charitable organizations is fundraising to provide help to those who need it. The UTMB has created strong links with the associations it supports, following up the implementation of concrete actions and favoring human exchange between the runners, the organizers and the associations. Personally, I have chosen Liziba because I have already supported them in 2018 and they are an amazing group of people who ensure the execution of the project. The money fundraiser in 2018 helped the continuation of the projects to clean up a natural spring and provide it with an additional tank.

I am supporting Liziba

I am supporting Liziba in their mission to provide clean water in the DRC