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VALUE - the eco friendly app

The «AncientGame GmbH» was founded in May 2017 with the vision to develop «Apps with more value». After all, we were faced with a challenge: «How can I make my daily life more environmentally friendly and more conscious? How can we inspire more young people to do more good for nature? That is why we developed VALUE: With VALUE you can find sustainable shopping alternatives, discover the coolest green parks and plant real trees to set an example against the climate crisis! Today our start-up team consists out of six great team members and we are ready to provide the Value App for IOS and Android devices to be downloaded. For our mission to «playfully help make the world a better place» and to start our market entry in Austria (and soon in Germany and Switzerland) we need your support! Only with your help can we bring VALUE to life and fight the global climate crisis by becoming green heroes.

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Sustainability to GO

VALUE is your perfect companion for a more sustainable lifestyle! Discover all green shopping opportunities in your area, which are marked as «checkpoints» on the interactive map - from vegan restaurants to urban fair fashion. On the Go you solve tasks, prove your sustainable knowledge by quiz questions and heal the dark CO2 energies. It is the goal to plant as many virtual seeds as possible at the shops, which will then be planted as real trees in the rainforest of Mexico. As a reward, treasure chests will open with game items and even discounts from the respective shops.

But you don’t just have to be on the road to live a more nature-conscious life. With the VALUE App you can comfortably swipe your way through numerous green online shops. Thus you can find fair and trendy providers for every occasion - easy and clear.

VALUE offers the first interactive mobile AR marketing solution for sustainable companies! Both the location of the company and sustainable online shops are highlighted as checkpoints on the map. With their specific category and profile, those companies can be found quickly and easily,distribute their coupons as user rewards and get mobile market analysis through the app.

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Nice to tree you!

Trees are the superheroes among climate protectors and we would like to plant the first 100,000 with our community. Therefor we work together with the international children and youth initiative Plant-For-The-Planet. Every month we donate a certain amount of money so that they plant the VALUE trees in the rainforest of Mexico. Thanks to the proximity to the equator, they grow five times faster than in Europe and thus can bind the global C02 five times faster. In addition, with our donations to Plant-For-The-Planet children all over the world and also in third world countries are trained as climate protectors.

You see, we have big plans - and we want to continue to grow. With 25.000€ we can enter the market and develop many more great features for our users, from the expansion of customize elements, characters and game mechanics to community events. In addition, the continuous acquisition of sustainable companies is important to us in order to offer you a diverse shopping experience. And if we get beyond the target sum, the next big step for us and VALUE is: Augmented Reality!

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