This is what it's all about.

I just recorded 11 new of my songs with my band Veronika’s Ndiigo. They are in the process of being mixed now and soon the go to be mastered. Then they’re off to press to be ready for you in beginning of march!

FLY is our third CD after FEEL IT ALL (2014) and THE TOPOGRAPHY OF MY HEART (2009). Some of you have supported FEEL IT ALL on and have made it happen!! Thank you heartfully for that!! By the way: FEEL IT ALL is almost sold out! you can get the last CDs here!


My project is special because ...

«VERONIKA’S NDIIGOs music arises from the land of the soul»

My band VERONIKA’S NDIIGO is performing for more than 10 years on national and international stages and have just recorded our 3rd album! I’m proud to have kept going on all these years. Sometimes it would have been easier to stop and choose a more comfortable path. But the urge to express my inner music was and is too strong. The struggel was worth it and offered a lot of lessons and rewards! I’m immensely grateful for everything and for all fans who believe in us, who come to our concerts, love our music and spread it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Without you what would we do?

When choosing the members of my band I had a lucky hand and good taste :) Bass player Toni Schiavano, Oli Hartung on guitar, percussion player Samuel Baur und Prince Moussa Cissokho on Kora and vocals are top class musicians and have each developed their unique musical language. Everyone from NDIIGO bring themselves and their special talents into my songs. Thats how we create our sound - exuberant soundweaving made from many strings, percussion grooves and siren vocals. And the best: OFF stage it’s grooving too!!

This is what I need backing for.

Our new album «FLY» could get the financial support of cultural fonds. But it’s not enough to cover all costs.
Also I saved the sales from our last album for this production, but still it’s not enough. I’m still missing more than 5 thousand francs. So if you purchase a CD here this is already a great help! Tell your friends and musiclovers about it…