One dream, one goal:

Every time I go to a concert, I ask myself the same question: how does it feel to be standing on that stage and hear the people sing your lyrics? It must be incredible.

Who are we:

We, VIBEZ, are four friends who share the same passion: music. Since the beginning of this year we have been writing our lyrics and songs together. We have even recorded a single (including videoclip) accessible on YouTube. During the time we have spent in the studio we realized how much fun the recording is. To see the transformation of a demo song into the final album version – priceless!

That’s why we want more: the recordings for our first album are planned for this winter, the album release is set on spring 2016.

That’s why we need you:

Recording an album, that’s easier said than done. There are many costs which aren’t really visible from the outside:

  • Studio rental
  • Mastering / Production
  • Manufacturing of the CD
  • Video clips / Pictures

The whole project will cost us around CHF 25’000, we try to finance one third of it with your help. The rest of the amount we earn with concerts, sponsors and private donations.


YOU can help us!

With every support that we receive, our dream of the first album gets one step closer. In exchange we can offer you cool gifts like an album, a T-Shirt or one day in the studio with us!

We are very thankful for every sort of help. With your support we can hold on to our music ant share our passion!