DON CLEMENZA is one of the new songs of the swiss band HILDEGARD LERNT FLIEGEN, but also the main theme, focus point and end title of an extraordinary story, which can only be told as a symbiosis of sound and image.

Director MARIA SIGRIST will produce a Videoclip for the Song DON CLEMENZA, which will be released together with the Swiss band’s fourth album entitled ’The Fundamental Rhythm Of Unpolished Brains’!

The story so far

The first collaboration of Maria Sigrist and Hildegard Lernt Fliegen showed, that they’re a perfect match. 2009 occured the surreal video for ’Seldom Was Covered With Snow And An Old Oak’, done by Maria and it helped visualize the band’s music in a completely new way!

And here some live-footage, including a part of ’Don Clemenza’:

With your kind contribution...

…you help us finance camera operators, lights, cheese breads for the director, costumes, cutters and on and on and on, all needed for the making of this new video.

We thank you..

…very much for your interest and we hope, that you will support us and in return get something, which will be a pleasure to your eyes and ears! We really look forward to this project and the following touring activities and surely hope to meet you at one of these places!

Yours truly,


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