Mirjam «Soulmate»

What our project is about

This song is a collaboration between me and the Colombian singer Yeyo. I’ve always wanted to sing in spanish and I took the occasion knowing Yeyo and his style to make this great collaboration. We really do believe in this song, because we have created it from zero and we were really committed to «El mismo error». We really do believe that this song could become a hit for the summer 2014 but to do this we have to realize a very good video that attracts all the people around the world, because the song is really really good!

Yeyo «Yeyo me llaman»

Why we need your help

You should back this project because it’s really important to believe in the artist spread in the elvetic territory and most of all we need your help to make a really great video and to allow to this song to become the hit of the summer 2014. We already have chosen the Director and the staff that will help us to make this video become really great and true. The Director will be Marco Bitonti as in my last video Soulmate (he’s young and really appasionate in movies, he’s studying cinematography) and other persons that will take care of the make up, hair and technics.

The song will be presented live the first time at the Zumba event that will take place in Campione d’Italia the 18th May 2014.