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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Oaxaca. But this may be of interest to you.
Nous Recyclons

Design, Community, and Environment

Mexico City

Nous Recyclons

by Nosotros Reciclamos

Notre pari: transformer le PET pour transformer la vie des plus pauvres au Mexique. En 2017, nous voulons augmenter temps de travail, revenus et qualité des produits, pour devenir autosuffisants.

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CHF 850
11 backers
Collection «Mestizo»

Fashion and Design

San Pedro La Laguna

Collection «Mestizo»


Mestizo is a Fashion collection that is not primarily searching commercial success; it is rather meant to be an audacious-artistic selection.

106 %
EUR 14’952
97 backers
«5 Senses» Parfum

Design and Environment

Frankfurt and Nosara

«5 Senses» Parfum

by Dr.Ina Knobloch

Der Duft des Dschungels. Meine Projekte über Costa Rica und Düfte, haben mich zu einem Parfum inspiriert, das mich an den Regenwald von Costa Rica, die Blüten und Früchte des Dschungels erinnert.

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EUR 169
2 backers
Trade with social sense

Design, Fair Trade, and Community

Boyacá and Geneva

Trade with social sense

by Emeraudinne, Bijoux Éthique

«Emeraudinne – Ethical Jewellery» seeks to improve the living conditions of informal miners of the Colombian emerald mining region and allow single mothers in the mining zones of Colombia.

5 %
CHF 1’934
13 backers
Das Frauenhaus von Getsemani

Design, Community, and Technology


Im kolumbianischen Indio-Reservat von Caño Mochuelo steht ein Rohbau, der für die Herstellung von Kunsthandwerk gedacht war. Es fehlt aber an Geld für Mobiliar und Werkstätten. Das will ich ändern!

110 %
CHF 13’242
57 backers
Giovanni Lo Presti NewYorkFW

Fashion, Design, and Art

New York

Giovanni Lo Presti NewYorkFW

by Giovanni Lo Presti

Après de long mois de dur labeur,j’ai réussi à décrocher une place pour la mythique Fashion Week à New York en septembre, je vais donc fièrement représenter la Suisse et pour cela j’ai besoin de vous.

134 %
CHF 3’350
29 backers
Arctic'stique expedition ⛵️

Design, art, and Environment


An artistic residency of 4 weeks on board the Knut, a 15-meter sailboat equipped for arctic expeditions. We will face the fare north, discover the East Coast of Greenland and make art.

136 %
CHF 10’942
107 backers
Wepot goes Senegal

Design, Community, and Environment


Wepot goes Senegal

by Quentin Kany and Clément Perez

Let’s build a ceramic workshop in Casamance (Senegal) to enhance local agriculture. We will produce an ecological irrigation system within an eco-village.

21 %
CHF 7’354
108 backers
Reignite the Celtic Revival

Fashion, Design, and Fair Trade


Reignite the Celtic Revival

by Jennifer Rothwell

Help Jennifer reignite the 20th Century Arts Movement through fashion. #supportthecelticrevival

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Creating Coromandel: a book

Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Coromandel, Reggio Emilia, and Santarem

A book about Marco Zanuso's architecture in South Africa. Although famous for his industrial designs, his design methodology impacted Southern African architecture and is still relevant today!

14 %
EUR 2’985
39 backers
maison nasire

Fashion, Startup, and Design

Zürich and Marrakesh

maison nasire

by nasire

We are nasire, a young Swiss label and we want to open our first own store in Marrakesh. Join us on this adventure!

113 %
CHF 30’530
155 backers
Berlingot #3

Photography, Design, and Art


Berlingot #3


BERLINGOT is an erotic annual artbook (bilingual) exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of international artists.