This summer, independent perfumer Niklaus Mettler wants to dedicate a fragrance to those who stay home, but dream about their summer out of town on a sunny beach.

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The smell of holidays at your office space

Since 5 years I am passionately working with fragrances. I have a background in design but wanted to expand my work with another media and taught myself the art of perfumery. It is an exclusive field to enter if you didn’t work your way up within the conventional fragrance industry. But in the past years, many projects evolved out of collaborations with artists and perfumers from different fields and lead to some intriguing products, such as PRO the fragrance that was launched with the release of the new album of the swiss pop band Jeans for Jesus. Since, I have established the brand ’In’n’out Fragrances’, that represents fragrance creations with a conceptual ambition.

Casablanca – Eau du Splash

Some of you will spend the hot days of this year on a beach and others stay home, at the office. This summer the new Eau de Splash – Casablanca is dedicate to all the people who lay in the hot sand in their dreams, not needing more then sunscreen for protecting their skin from the burning sun. Casablanca is a fragrant gesture, that invites for imaginative vacations. For giving you some more references, the unisex fragrance carries the enveloping base notes of fine leather, benzoin and sandalwood merging with exotic white flowers, almonds and your hot skin.

What I need and what you get

I am almost ready for getting the fragrance out to you. But I still need to cover the costs for the production, the packaging and the launching events that will take place in Marrakesh, Zurich, Berlin and Amsterdam. The best way to support me is by pre-ordering Casablanca! Or Casablanca and the previous In’n’out Fragrances. Or get a bunch of them as presents for all your friends (they will love it!). You get the idea. All goodies can be found on the right. And then just wait in anticipation for the new fragrance to arrive, wear and enjoy it!