Let’s build a ceramic workshop in Casamance (Senegal) to enhance local agriculture. We will produce an ecological irrigation system within an eco-village.

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21 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 10/11/2019

A problem, our solution

Casamance (Senegal) is considered as « the pearl of West Africa ». This region is relaunching its agriculture to regain it’s food self-sufficiency whereas climate disruption slows down that progression. For example, this year precipitations were later and less-abundant. Non- controlled irrigation and less water bring groundwater reduction.

In this context, we will go there into an agroecological farm in February 2020. We will construct a ceramic workshop and produce our innovative irrigation system: ollas. Our goal is to ease the agriculture, reduce water consumption by 70% while developing a real economical activity for locals.

  • Vitrine de notre atelier de production, les ateliers protégés René Delafontaine à Prilly
    Vitrine de notre atelier de production, les ateliers protégés René Delafontaine à Prilly
  • Utiliser un olla
    Utiliser un olla

From Switzerland to Senegal

Since 2018, we produce ollas with the help of a sheltered workshop next to Lausanne. From our company beginning, we kept in mind to help needed population one day. Today, we need your help to reach our goal!

This new project arose from a meeting with the NGO Plantons Utile. They are building an eco-village for 2 years now, it becomes a meeting point for local people. They can learn entrepreneurship, permaculture or practice lucrative activities.

Today, we have the opportunity to build a ceramic workshop in this complex. Our will is to stay on our eco-friendly and local philosophy. We will form a local entrepreneur to produce ollas and other ceramic objects (bricks, utensils..). In the end, we will bring a stable economy for this entrepreneur and we want to assure his salary for one year. We are completely complementary with Plantons Utile, our common goal is to develop agriculture models in an agroforestry way: a method mixing trees, culture and animal farming to protect the soil. Our first mission will be to produce and install ollas in 2 hectares to water 2000 fruit trees. Then we will support Casamance’s farmers with 1 to 3 hectares of agroforestry models in a cooperative way.

Les ollas produits en Suisse
Les ollas produits en Suisse

Your support will serve:

That kind of project needs a large personal and financial investment. Do not worry about the personal investment, we are giving everything on it but we need your help for the financial part. Once this project is achieved we want to spread this system around the world. It is the beginning of a long journey to turn our planet green!

Your financial investment will gather:

  • The oven acquisition and transport from Switzerland
  • Ceramic material acquisition in Senegal
  • Construction of the workshop structure
  • Round trip Geneva - Dakar for 4 people
  • One year salary for the local entrepreneur

The actions we are going to achieve:

  • Research and development over a new Olla
  • Implementation of the workshop
  • On the spot clay extraction
  • Teaching technics to the local entrepreneur
  • Implementation of sustainable economic activity
  • Clément et Quentin, fondateur de Wepot
    Clément et Quentin, fondateur de Wepot
  • Clément et Quentin, fondateur de Wepot
    Clément et Quentin, fondateur de Wepot
  • Wepot et Plantons Utile
    Wepot et Plantons Utile