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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Camporeale. But this may be of interest to you.

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Publishing and Performing Arts

Raccolta Commedie Teatrali

Raccolta di commedie teatrali brillanti, inedite ideate e scritte da me. Le opere raccontano la Sicilia dal dopo guerra ai giorni nostri enfatizzando in chiave comica la cultura etnea.
by Marco Catalano, Mascali
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Performing Arts

Moderne Welten des Theaters

Ein interkulturelles und intermediäres Theaterprojekt, das nationen- und nationalitätenübergreifend ein Bühnenstück realisiert, wobei im Zentrum steht, Kultur für alle zugänglich zu machen.
by Roxanne Estelle, Vienna and Bova
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Music and Performing Arts

Création CD un bout de toi

Le Trio Tsatsali fête ses un an, et comme cadeau, un premier album! Après une première tournée estivale en Italie et un travail de mise en scène, ce pétillant trio féminin continue son ascension!
by trio tsatsali, Saint-Juéry, Toulouse, and Bologna
101% funded
EUR 3’555 pledged
45 backers
Performing Arts

Asimov Project

Quattro corti teatrali tratti da quattro racconti di Isaac Asimov: Luciscultura, Il Segregazionista, Sogni di Robot e Playboy e il Dio Limaccioso, a cura della Compagnia Numeriprimi di Parma.
by opheliasflower, Parma and Noceto
2% funded
EUR 125 pledged
2 backers
Performing arts and Kids / Youth

World Championships Arts2022

Support Maëlan, 9 years old, magician, who was selected to represent Switzerland at the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood in July. On-site competitions and training.
by Bloomy, Cannes and Anaheim
101% funded
CHF 4’040 pledged
28 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Education

Sommer Musik Workshops

Internationale Sommer Musik Workshops
«The Spirit & Magic in Making Music Happen» 9.-14. Juli
Songwriting Camp «Be a Voice - Not an Echo» in der zauberhaft coolen Stadt Buje in Istrien/Kroatien
by moerdermusic productions & int. artist & project development, Buje
111% funded
EUR 5’035 pledged
27 backers
Performing arts and Art

Baushtellë: Balkan Temple

Baushtellë is an art project rooted in Pristina, Belgrade & Zurich. During a 10 week journey artists from all three cities will create a 6h performance based on the question: «What do you believe in?»
by Baushtellë, Belgrade, Prishtina, and Zurich
109% funded
EUR 18’215 pledged
76 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Dance


Barouf est une pièce chorégraphique, expressive, musicale etdivertissante. Sur scène, deux danseurs masculins. Elastiques et multitechniques et un DJ, Spiky the Machinist.
by Le Transformateur, Aix-en-Provence and Allauch
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Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Dance


Après avoir joué la version courte de GOOSE, la Cavalcade en Scène est maintenant en train de créer la version intégrale. On a besoin de vous: aidez-nous à financer le spectacle!
by La Cavalcade en Scène, Milan
117% funded
EUR 5’897 pledged
41 backers
Performing Arts

Performance The scent of imprints

I Patom Theatre gives life to poems of the avant-garde author Daniil Kharms. The play The scent of imprints deals with social issues such as poverty, injutice and absurdity of human daily lifes.
by I Patom Theater, Milan and Locarno
100% funded
EUR 3’011 pledged
36 backers
Community, Performing arts, and Kids / Youth

Clowns in Flüchtlingcamps

Letzten Herbst wurden wir darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass die Kinder in den Flüchtlingscamps die Clowns auch brauchen könnten. Wir müssen wieder dort hin!
by Wirbel, Lesbos Prefecture and Thessaloniki
132% funded
CHF 5’565 pledged
46 backers
Performing Arts

La principessa azzurra

Was wäre, wenn die Märchenprinzessin ihre Verehrer abweisen und mit dem Drachen fliehen würde?
by Compagnia Teatro La Fuffa, Udine and Lausanne
102% funded
CHF 6’122 pledged
51 backers