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Film and Art

Les Enfants du Vent

En mi-juin, à quelques centaines de km de Bogota, Doris va enfin récupérer le corps de son fils, enlevé, torturé et assassiné par l'armée colombienne puis jeté dans une fosse commune en 2008.
by Felipe Monroy, El Copey
130% funded
CHF 3’270 pledged
35 backers

Returning to Santa Rita

Santa Rita is a Colombian village, which has been heavily affected by the war. This project wants to support the women's association of Santa Rita in their effort to support the return to the village.
by Leonie Mugglin, Santa Rita
129% funded
CHF 2’858 pledged
21 backers
Community, Environment, and Education


Canúmake, das Projekt für und mit der Natur Kolumbiens. Gemeinsam mit den Einwohnern wollen wir an diesem magischen Ort arbeiten und Neues entstehen lassen. Bitte helft uns, damit wir helfen können.
by Nina Fischer, Minca
109% funded
CHF 10’990 pledged
57 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Renovation Schule Kolumbien

Eine kleine Bergschule im Regenwald von Kolumbien: Dieser Ort bietet vielen Kindern die einzige Möglichkeit für Bildung. Das Gebäude ist total verwahrlost – zusammen bauen wir es wieder auf!
by Brigitte, Minca
117% funded
CHF 11’795 pledged
54 backers
Community and Kids / Youth

Kali foundation.

Creation of the Kali foundation. Non-profit foundation supporting disadvantaged children, streets and orphans in Colombia. Give children the keys to build a future.
by Lina, Kim, and Pacho, Palomino
4% funded
EUR 2’200 pledged
30 backers
Community and Art

Art for food in Barranquilla

Provide famillies affected by the Covid-19 crisis the possibility to stay at home safely and receive food packages, which will be directly delivered through an allied supermarket.
by Kumbe - Le Mana, Barranquilla
112% funded
CHF 3’385 pledged
36 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Ecole pour la Paix

Un centre de formation pour donner aux jeunes ayant vécu le déplacement forcé une chance de tourner la page de la violence et de devenir des promoteurs de paix.
by Association Catleya, Magangué
104% funded
CHF 6’245 pledged
45 backers
Film, Politics, and Kids / Youth

Last Year of Congo Mirador

A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.
by Anabel & Sepp, Congo Mirador
100% funded
EUR 15’080 pledged
99 backers

Aid indigenous children now

The hurricane Iota and COVID-19 have heavily affected the indigenous communities in Colombia and Venezuela, children have been especially affected. We need your help to provide immediate relief.
by Mama Tierra, Lourdes, and Douglas, Paraguaipoa, Nazareth, and Baden
140% funded
CHF 7’000 pledged
49 backers
Community, Technology, and Environment

Cultivons l'eau potable!

Des paroles aux actes...concrets, mesurables, performants, beaux... Est-ce possible de trouver une solution durable au manque d’eau dans une région rurale andine? L’attrape-nuages en est la réponse!
by Beatriz Vera Responsable du projet Evolutio International, Barichara and Thônex
63% funded
CHF 3’170 pledged
11 days to go

Surgery for Yefrey

Help make surgery possible for my new friend Yefrey. He is 8 years old and lives in Sapzurro, in the Colombian jungle. When Yefrey was born he had a stroke which has left him partially paralised.
by Manuel, Sapzurro
113% funded
EUR 1’708 pledged
38 backers
Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Biogasanlage für unter 100$

Planung und Umsetzung einer Molkegäranlage zur Produktion von Methangas für 3. Weltländer. Produktionskosten unter 100$. Prototyp soll als Hilfsprojekt in Kolumbien eingesetzt werden.
by Marlon, Guatapé, Basel, and San Rafael
10% funded
CHF 500 pledged
4 backers

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