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Fashion, Fair Trade, and Community

Didi Textiles

This is not a shirt. It is a playground, a garden, a mud house.
Didi Textiles allow women in Bangladesh to earn a living in their villages instead of working under inhumane conditions in a big factory
by Studio Anna Heringer, Veronika Lena Lang & DIPSHIKHA, Rudrapur
148% funded
EUR 17’805 pledged
115 backers
Startup and Community

Medical clinic Bangladesh

45,000 residents live in dire conditions with very limited access to healthcare services and facilities in Chanpara slum. With your support this will change!
by markjmoser, Chanpara
11% funded
CHF 440 pledged
4 backers

Ancien projet Inle

Il s’agit d’un film documentaire dont le thème est l'environnement.
De jeunes élèves récoltent des déchets plastiques pour construire leur école et redonner à leur lac Inle toute sa splendeur.
by Raphael Blanc, Mandalay
16% funded
CHF 5’095 pledged
30 backers
Startup, agriculture, and Environment

Organic seeds from Pabhoi

Our organic seed initiative produces diverse, reproducible plant varieties. We give local farmers an alternative to seeds provided by multinationals which need to be bought again every season.
by Neelam Dutta, WFSCAN, and Sativa Rheinau AG, Pabhoi
124% funded
CHF 41’186 pledged
226 backers
Politics, Community, and Performing Arts

Forumtheaterworkshop Indien

Mit diesem Forumtheaterworkshop für die Ekta Parishad beabsichtigen wir, den Adivasi (den Landlosen) in Indien eine Stimme zu geben und den Mut diese Stimme auch zu erheben.
by Forumtheaterworkshop Indien (Cesci), Zurich and Bhubaneshwar
101% funded
CHF 2’545 pledged
10 backers
Film, Kids / Youth, and Environment

The dream of Inle Lake child

This is a documentary about the environment. The children of Inle Lake dream that one day their region and country will finally get rid of all plastic waste.
by Raphael Blanc, Inle
120% funded
CHF 18’000 pledged
67 backers
Architecture, Community, and Education

Pont de Jakisur

Dans l’Est du Népal, les villages sherpas de Saisima et Dobatak sont isolés durant une partie de l’année en raison d’une rivière dépourvue de pont et qui ne peut être traversée qu’à gué.
by Moos Florent, Yaphu
116% funded
CHF 5’800 pledged
45 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

White Knight Project

Nepal has a problem of underfunding public schools. Public school children do not receive quality education and sometimes take up to 10 years to finish primary school.
by WhiteKnight, Lalitpur
25% funded
CHF 500 pledged
4 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

To Continue the Kindergarten

To help Real Kids Home to continue its service, a kindergarten giving affordable education to children and providing all the facilities so that they could learn, grow and explore at the same time.
101% funded
CHF 3’040 pledged
5 backers
Community and Performing Arts

Compagnie Cirque-en-Ciel

Nous sommes 16 jeunes artistes de cirque fribourgeois, encadrés par des pros. Après des tournées en Turquie et en Italie, nous partirons en tournée au Népal en automne 2016. Avec votre appui!
by Joseph Gremaud, Kathmandu
105% funded
CHF 3’150 pledged
41 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

A pick-up truck for BAAN DOI

In order to be able to integrate adolescent orphans into Thai society BAAN DOI starts an agricultural project in 2019. For this project a pick-up truck (Songtaew) is required.
by Baan Doi Schweiz, Mae Sai
107% funded
CHF 14’155 pledged
38 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

A greenhouse for Embalama

We need building material! With this and your support we would like to build a greenhouse in the Tibetan mountain village of Embalama to supply the village population with organic vegetables and more.
by vitamintexte and Snowland Children Foundation, Helambu
20% funded
CHF 5’090 pledged
46 backers

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