Voice Of Ruin

We are Voice of Ruin, a metal band from Nyon formed in 2008. Since 2009 we have played more than 100 shows in Europe, Russia and Japan. We shared the stage and toured with big names in the genre (The Black Dahlia Murder, Entombed, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Caliban…) and put out two albums.


Who, what, how

We just recently finished recording two new exclusive titles that will be released April 2 2015 in the form of a physical EP (Digisleeve). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Cochet from Conatus Studio, these new titles represent the logical evolution of Voice Of Ruin.

In order to offer more to you guys, three remixes from our latest album «Morning Wood» will also be featured on this EP. For these remixes we collaborated with great electro artists (Desireless and Operation Of The Sun, BAK XIII, Shake It Maschine) that we appreciate a lot, both from an artistic and personal point of view. We would like to thank them for their contribution.

The visual concept for this new release was imagined by Florian from Chromatorium who already worked with the band on our previous album «Morning Wood».


When & where

This new EP titled «Consumed» will be previewed live on Thursday April 2 at the Villa Tacchini in Geneva with our buddies from Helmut and the Nepalese band Underside.

Support the project

For financial reasons, we hesitated a long time before releasing this EP. But we believe that you can help us in carrying out this project, which means a lot to us. At this stage we are missing CHF 4000 to meet are objectives. In this budget we include promotion and production (recording, mixing, mastering), artwork and lay-out, pressing, as well as the making of a video clip that will be shot on February 28 2015. Your support is therefore most important to us and we hope that the different bundles we offer will spike your interest!

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