Electronic music of 15 women artists from around the world

Voices from Eris is an electronic music album full of diversity and surprises. It is also the journey and voices of 15 women artists from around the world vibrating inner strength, making a positive stand. These tracks are full of stories and emotions, sometimes dark and uncomfortable, sometimes intimate and beautiful.


Women are making their voice heard!

Eris was discovered on January 5th 2005 to be the 10th planet in our solar system. She is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. On the astrological level her archetype is very interesting and portrays many of the feminist struggles.

Women are now composers, producers, electronic musicians but still undervalued and in minority. It seems that we have a duty to freedom of expression. Women have often been more implicated in collaborative processes, holistic starting points, and a closer relationship with their body and with the human voice in their creative processes. This fight has become ever so important today not only for the survival of the human race but for the building of a more sustainable civilisation which includes all living things.

Feminists struggle to «right the wrongs done in the name of patriarchal culture not only to themselves as women, but to nature and to the ideal of communal coexistence among the peoples of a potentially peaceful and beautiful Earth.» - Henry Seltzer

To listen to some of the tracks: https://soundcloud.com/shiftingwaves/sets/voices-from-eris

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Track list: 01_Ode To The Women Who Were Silenced - Meri Nikula // 02_Lengths II - Anne-Sophie Mongeau // 03_Pitchers - Odette Johnson aka Museleon // 04_Song of Sirens - Jude Casseday aka dejacusse // 05_Interruptions - Jess Rymer // 06_Eris 2003ub313 - Sarah Belle Reid // 07_Sagitta - Peggy Nelson // 08_Black Gong Stone - Sissel Berntsen // 09_Merenneito - Rosa Latva // 10_Softly vibrates - Catherine Debard aka YlangYlang // 11_Vulnerable Door - Sara Nicole Storm // 12_Black Paper - MRSM // 13_from nothing to nothing - Ana María Romano G. // 14_There is a way - Margaret Harmer // 15_Persephone’s song - Sofy Yudistskaya

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