This is what it's all about.

It is a social media content platform which conveys the contents to the readers with a quality sense of humor. The mission of Wsagt is to produce original contents/video contents based on reliable, informative and innovative principles on social media platform to bring a new perspective to the media with three different languages, which are respectively; German, English, and Turkish. Besides contributing to both personal and career development together with our colleagues in this project, the platform will provide an area for the crowd-content writers. Wsagt vision is to have the best and the most innovative and active platform among social media content platforms offering international services among the German-speaking countries.


My project is unique because ...

The lack of a social media content platform such as W’sagt with an international structure in Austria and other German-speaking countries. Also, people do not have a platform to express their own content objectively, depending on categories and rules in traditional media. What makes Wsagt unique? Wsagt is going to be a first social media content platform with its concept which includes 3 different languages and creates original content in Austria and German-speaking countries. In addition, people will have a chance to write contents with their own ideas and subjects within the framework of the rules. It will contribute the objectivity of Austrian media perspective and influence to the other countries. Also, it will affect positively local news and contents.

With you support...

We want to provide you with interesting contents/video 365 days a year. We aim to initiate debates, integrate various opinions, and work on a wider variety of topics. With your support:

  • We are going to create an App (Android & IOS) for better usability
  • We are going to supply pieces of equipment (eg. GoPro’s) for the Video Contents in order to serve better for the followers
  • We are going to promote Crowd Content Writers system on social media to attract content writers to our website.
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