Water: Fountain of Fascination

by Henry Jager


An exhibition of photography in the meeting center: Fascinating Underwater pictures, artful physics of clashing drops, phantasy inspiring «Underwater Paintings»...


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Concluded on 17/2/2014

Dear Supporter

Water is fascinating! As a highly rich habitat as well as regarding to its physical properties. «Panta Rhei» – Everything flows. My photography captures a fleeting art, lasting only for seconds or even a part of it. The art of nature with its underwater wildlife, the moments of clashing drops, the encounter of water with fire or the art of «Underwater Painting» also called «Aqua Clouds».

Water is a meeting point. Like my exhibition will be.

Ok, what does this project look like?

This project is the realisation of a large exhibition. 43 meter of wall are waiting! The exhibition is initiated by the committee of culture in Wangen, Switzerland and takes place in the senior citizens’ residence starting the 25th may till the 20th August 2014.

This location has been grown to a very appreciated place where culture, citizens and residents meet. It’s truly a place worth to invest in!

Opposites, like water and fire or water and emulsion, are attracting my interest a lot. That’s reason enough to set a contrast in the exhibition by adding pictures from the warm and dry savannah in Africa.

I need your support!

It’s a great honour and pleasure to realize such a big exhibition. As huge is the financial effort to cover the costs including the high-end prints. A big part of it, I bear by myself. For the remaining CHF 5000, I ask you for your help.

Your help is very appreciated! And there are many rewards waiting for you.

Thank you very much for your generous support! I’m looking forward to welcome you at the exhibition.

This is a selection of the pictures I’ll show: