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Dear colleagues and studer friends!

I would be happy to inform you with the above letters about my project, which I am started today on the online platform «wemakeit».

Please click on the link below to go to my project.

It runs for 45 days with the aim of reaching the sum of Fr. 15,000.- or to surpass it.

For info: In case of non-achievement, the contributions will be repaid.

The various «rewards» I offer for this purpose should be noted.

I ask you to support me in this endeavour and to send the mail to your circle of acquaintances so that as many people as possible are addressed.

The presentation also runs on Facebook and YouTube, where I address all my subscribers, which regularly click on my reports and amounts.

Wemakeit was founded in Switzerland in February 2012 and has developed into one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Europe.

Here is the direct link to the project:


I wish you a nice weekend despite Corona.

Thank you very much for your support, I look forward to a success!

waVox vintage sounds Walti


Walter Stutz wa.stutz@bluewin.ch

we make it Do you know «waVox vintage sounds»

the private Studer Revox Museum in Zurich since 2011

My goal • Long-term preservation and safeguarding of the collection of Studer Revox Equipment with public access • Several days of open doors per year, guided tours on request

Design More than 350 devices are on display, and extensive documents from the the company found the way back to me. In addition, the stately, company-owned archive photo collection is available in large parts. In a separate warehouse, the entire archive plans (originals in parchment) and in addition, all measurement data of the belt machines and mixing consoles, etc. printed out stored. This treasure is part of Swiss industrial history and is worth preserving on its own.

Company History of Studer Revox in Regensdorf The story of Studer Revox with rise and fall is well known in countless reports in the press and other media. The then company-owned museum in Regensdorf was definitely dissolved in December 2009. The former club was able to continue in a different location no longer guarantee. Loans were returned and the remaining equipment was sold.

Idea This sad development has encouraged me to rebuild such a museum on a private basis, and to do so as completely as possible, so that the creation and work of the company Studer Revox receives corresponding and deserved recognition in audio history in Switzerland.

As of today, after ten years of intensive collecting, I can report that these vision is now very close to being realized.

waVox vintage sounds is the world’s unique collection of corporate history of Studer and Revox.

My CV As a private individual, I was only connected to Studer Revox through my hobby for many years, which after retirement at the age of 46 in the Swiss postal sector in a managerial position, then with changed my vision significantly.

Financing • Private donations to relieve rental costs and for the repair of the equipment park • Sponsors are welcome

Association (following later as a result of pandemic) • Establishment of an association for the preservation, safeguarding and promotion of the collection

Network Over 2000 members and subscribers on Facebook and YouTube, • with regular postings with presentations of devices or occasions • Reports on Studer Revox history, insider knowledge of developers from the company • Access to documents and technical documents where possible

I would ask you to support my project so that the history of Studer Revox can be maintained in the long term and sustainably.

Thank you very much for your support! Walter Stutz


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