The story continues

Our first collection «I’M A PIG» did well with the audience. But now it’s time to stop wallowing in success and start moving on. We Are Animals adds five cool new animals to the collection: bear, polar bear, whale, elephant and hedgehog.

Again, this new collection stands out due to its minimalistic design, organic farming and fair products. And most importantly: There’s a positive message and a good cause behind the project! 10% of every purchase goes straight to an organisation that’s committed to the animal on the shirt.


We need you!

In order to produce and distribute the new collection from We Are Animals we totally need your help! To operate, we have to have a nice webshop, an efficient distribution and a complete stock. That way, the selling of our statement-shirt runs on a professional level.

The budget breaks down as follows:

1500.- wemakeit / 1500.- donations / 1250.- Webshop, infrastructure / 1250.- online advertisement, advertising matter / 7500.- production of T-shirts + socks / 1000.-. shipping costs goodies / 1000.- flexible reserves


And it goes on.

We Are Animals is more than just a fashion label. It’s about getting attention for a good cause. Our vision is a brand that with its fresh and to the point approach makes animal welfare accessible and comprehensible. That way everybody can do good for the animals in their daily lives. How about a We Are Animals-children’s book or a magazine with documentations about special individual animals? We’re thinking ahead and want to go big.

If we achieve 20’000 Swiss Francs with this crowdfunding already, we’ll add two more animals in the form of sweaters to the family. At 30’000 Swiss Francs we even launch a poster campaign that, entirely in the style of We Are Animals, shows animals’ abilities and worth.

The goodies will be dispatched in July 2019 at the latest.

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