The data that there are over 240 registered illegal landfills in the city of Zenica does not impress us at all, and according to the Sava River Basin Agency, there are over 400 landfills on the territory of ZDK. We know what health consequences illegal landfills can have, including infectious diseases, and their impact on drinking water with the effects on the entire eco-tourist image of the city. More than ever we are witnessing the awakening of the consciousness of our citizens and activists, but we need to strike a final blow to solve the problem. That is why we are all responsible and all of us must have a joint approach to solving the problem. Let’s convey the experiences of the West, convey the messages, and be part of the solution. The project ’Let’s clean the city in one day’ aims primarily to solve the environmental problem, to raise environmental awareness, and to enable contributions of the diaspora and all those who see Zenica as their own.


Activity plan

The plan is to create organizational committees by region and to plan cleaning the most endangered zones by region.

1.City 1 (Blatuša, Bilino Polje, Nova Zenica) - the action of cleaning neighborhoods, streets and part of the coast of Bosnia through Blatuša, as well as from the bridge Lamela to the bridge in Blatuša, part of Kamberovići field from sports fields.

Grad 2 (Mokušnice, Centar, Pišće, Mejdandzik, Odmut, Jalija, Londža) - the action of cleaning the parks of Kamberovića polje, and city neighborhoods, while Odmut would clean Ada and part of the coast of Bosnia to the border with Poljica)

City 3 (Novo Radakovo, Crkvice, Hamida, Staro Radakovo, Gornje Crkvice, Talami, Lukovo Polje) - city part, Babibna river, parks, and streets.

City North (Vraca, Banloz, Tetovo, Gradišće, Donja and Gornja Gracanica, Ricice, Pehare) - the action to clean the Gracanica river, Ricice stream, Banlozi stream, and the road that stretches along the streets. Sports fishing company Bistro will take the action to clean Banlozi - Vranduk- Nemila (river Bosna) - roads, streams, and neighborhoods.

Nemila basin - the action of cleaning the road that follows the rivers. As well as rivers: Nemilske, Orahovićke, Pepelarske, Okrajine, and roads through villages.

Kočeva basin (along the river Koceva, roads, river and road through villages)

Babina basin (along Babina river, regional road, and roads through villages)

Lašvanski sliv 1 (Janjici, Gnjusi, Poljice, Lašva) - Janjička ADA, along the road, and the bank of the river Bosna

Lašvanski sliv 2 (Gorica, Putovici, Perin Han, Tišina) - the action of cleaning the tributary of Lašva, the main road, Gorica waterfalls, and roads.

The activity envisages cleaning the city in one day, in which 600 volunteers and activists under the auspices of the Diaspora would take part. The action would start on August 22, 2021. year, starting at 08:00 in the morning, and the action would be completed by 13:00. Alba would then take the collected waste to the Mošćanica regional landfill. And then all the activists would come to Smetovi, where a joint action of arranging and cleaning Smetovi would be done, as well as the opening ceremony of the fountain on Smetovi, that is planned for this project. We would put up warning boards, with a prominent logo and Diaspora (on which there would be creative messages), with at least 10 boards. After the action of cleaning and awarding prizes and recognitions will be given to donors and activists. This would be followed by socializing all day with a special program and a tournament in futsal.


Goals and costs of our project

Objectives: Firstly - Raise awareness and educate the public about environmental and environmental protection. Remove a minimum of 10 tons of garbage.

Second, to connect the Zenica diaspora, with both the diaspora and the people of Zenica giving a gift to the city of Zenica from the Zenica Diaspora Installation of 3 fountains on Smetovi. Gathering 600 volunteers for the clean-up action Clean Zenica in one day, with messages and boards set up Futsal tournament, revival match Zenica Volunteers vs Zenica Diaspora. Socializing and MEET-up live.

Financial costs of the project:

T-shirts with a print of 600 T-shirts (message of the event, and all the actors listed, beautifully designed) * 12 KM = 7000 KM

Bags, gloves, masks (1000 pairs of gloves, 600 masks, 3000 bags) = 600 KM

Barbecue and socializing for all participants - 600

PEOPLE WITH INVITERS (cevapi, chicken, juices, water, paper cups = 2000 KM Futsal tournament = 2500 KM Three fountains placed on Smetovi = 4500 KM

Warning boards 10 message boards, as prevention of not throwing again, with engraved iDijaspoorm = 10 * 250 KM - 2500 KM

Other unplanned expenses = 900 KM

the costs do not include the costs of organizers and carriers of activities, volunteers, garbage collection and adequate disposal, procurement of equipment for tournaments, work of people on the grill, etc. (the same activities will be done free of charge)