Di cosa si tratta

The soul-jazz group Djeffrah plays on a mission: live music has to regain its value! Since her teenage-years Dshamilja had been composing her own songs. The founder and bandleader founded Djeffrah as all-female band. In August 2017 two men joined the group. The current setting works together since August 2017 and everything just went off in no time.! 5 out of 10 brand new songs will now be recorded and mixed/mastered for our first ever CD called ENCOUNTER AT THE FIRMAMENT.

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Che c’è di speciale nel mio progetto

It our aim to augment the value of live performances. Thereby our music shall be accessible for a lagre number of audience. A recording medium will enable us to display our current work. In order to be able to produce a CD we need your support. It will make possible that we have the opportunity to produce our CD in a highly professional environment with local sound engineers.

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Perché ho bisogno di sostegno

We would love to celebrate the release party of our first CD this fall. Up until than we still have plenty of work to do. What we’ve already accomplished is the production and/or order of your wonderfully organic, fair and locally produced goodies, all of which are closely related to our vision. Enjoy the virtuell window shopping :)

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