We Show Off

We are Andrea and Jovana, an illustrator-art historian-designer duo from Zürich, brought together by shared passion for digital art and illustration.

These art forms are often defined as ’people’s art’. The reason for it is that their artwork is accessible and reproducible comment on everyday life and the world around us. It is big part of pop culture, existing in virtual spaces of our smartphones and computers. It is decorating our walls and clothes, surrounding us from the streets…

This closeness to life makes digital art and illustration visible, readable and non-exclusive and we wish to celebrate exactly that.

In order to celebrate these artforms and all their possibilities we created We Show Off.

We Show Off is an online and offline platform based in Zürich, Switzerland that supports artists and illustrators by showing and marketing their work. Besides being a marketplace for their work, it is an environment that brings artists together and encourages their collaboration with us and between each other.

A close and personal relationship to the artists is of great importance to us. Through it we hope to develop new and exciting concepts for them to present their work.

Every art piece we offer for purchase through We Show Off will be produced by us, in our studio. Print is our main medium. Our goal is to produce printed work with same amount of passion and effort that was initially invested by the artist in creating them. The best outcome is our imperative, that is why our production process includes only excellent paper and best printing technique (gicleé).


We went a long way but now we need your support!

Creating We Show Off has been a beautiful adventure so far. Still, it took energy, time and money to build it from scratch and we are only just warming up. Collaborations are made, website is soon online and the printer is ready to print. The problem is, we can only print up to A2 size!

To be able to print bigger and even better we need some help and financial support. And this is where YOU step in.

A bigger printer and additional ink would give us the chance to produce in variety of sizes – up to 1189mm width and with amazing range of 11 colors. For you this would mean an opportunity to purchase and enjoy long lasting, wonderfully large, crystal clear prints, at any time.

Our eyes for art are big! Open yours for what we have to show. If we print bigger you see better. Help us get this big and powerful printer! In exchange we prepared a bunch of goodies for you to receive right in time for Christmas.

Our eyes for art are big. Open yours for what we have to show. If we print bigger you see better. Help us get a printer!