This is what it's all about.

How do you scale a pyramid? Basically, one step at a time ..

Preserving the environment and having competitive industries seems an insurmountable problem. But the solution is there, and it is found in the small steps that each of us can do. Saving the environment can not remain just an idea, but until we find simple and practical solutions that everyone can apply without effort, the change will remain difficult and limited. The solution can be as simple as wearing a T-shirt every morning before going out to work. If only that shirt was made of virtuous materials, not only could we continue to dress with our favorite brands, but at the same time we would help clean up the sea and the provinces from waste. As? We have to convince the industries that already produce clothes, to convert at least some of their textile raw materials, with recycled material from the waste of the sea and the provinces.

Making the virtuous raw material available to the fashion industries is one of the main objectives of this project. The raw material would be taken by non-profit associations that already deal with cleaning the sea and collecting waste spread on the surface in residential areas, would be converted into textile fiber (virtuous polyester) and given to the fashion industry to be used.

My project is special because ...

With this project you can have an exceptional impact on the environment by making everyone involved in the change, without efforts.

I do not want to create another small reality that reuses plastic for individual products, because the scale of impact would be too small. To have a significant impact and to create the change we all need, we need to act together, involving the large already existing industries, the governmental realities of the countries, the research centers and the organizations that deal with the collection of waste dispersed in the environment.

Only in this way can one aspire to a true change and for the good of all.

This is what I need backing for.

100% of the funds will be used to support the following activities:

  • 55%: collection of plastic from non-profit organizations, productive activities of processing of waste into grains and then into filaments for fabrics, logistics, sorting to fashion industries;
  • 15%: research fund. The plastic that is collected as waste is not all the same. There are bottles, containers, objects different from small and large. Each object has different characteristics and must be studied how to treat and convert the different plastics collected;
  • 25%: awareness campaigns, involvement and negotiations with existing fashion industries and government / decision-making bodies. Creation of a community of Ambassadors that manages negotiations and communications;
  • 10%: Creation of prototypes and finished products to be resold for 1. re-finance the project, 2. to serve as an example for all the protagonists of the project, from industries to governments to universities